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Seed of Cynoglossum - Dog's tongue

3 results

3  results


Our selection of Cynoglossum seeds. It includes the Cynoglossum officinale, also known as "Dog's Tongue", a biennial native plant that was once considered medicinal, as well as ornamental varieties called Chinese Forget-me-nots, including Cynoglossum zeylanicum 'Chill Out', a charming duo that produces a mass of tiny sky blue or white flowers from mid-spring to late summer, and 'Mystery Rose', a variety appreciated for its soft pink flowers that bring a touch of sweetness to the garden. These annual or biennial plants are distinguished by their beauty and ease of cultivation.

Chinese Forget-me-not is traditionally used to enhance slightly heavy flowers such as double tulips, peonies, and roses by lightening their blooming. You can also plant it in large groups in perennial beds, borders, and containers. This simple plant is ideal for brightening up neglected areas of the garden. Discover all our Cynoglossum seeds in this selection and let yourself be charmed by the diversity and beauty of the Chinese Forget-me-not.

Sowing Cynoglossum is not difficult: sow directly in place in spring, on the surface of well-drained, prepared, and loosened soil, and keep the moisture until germination.

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