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Seeds of Laurentia or Isotoma

3 results

3  results


Our selection of Isotoma or Laurentia seeds. It includes superb varieties such as Laurentia 'Stargazer Mixed', a charming frost-tender perennial plant that offers small star-shaped flowers in a mix of white, pink, and mauve, or the Isotoma 'Avant-Garde Blue F1 Hybrid' with pale blue, fragrant flowers from summer to autumn. Very floriferous, laurentia is a small often grown as an annual, truly adorable in borders or flower pots. Let's also mention the varieties 'Blue Star' with deep blue flowers and 'Pink Frills' in pink, both distinguished by their remarkable performance.

Laurentia, known by its Latin name Isotoma, is a little-known plant with toothed leaves that stands out for its ability to produce a multitude of small star-shaped flowers throughout the summer. Easy to sow, it prefers well-drained soil and a sunny exposure to fully thrive. By planting Isotoma seeds, you invite a cascade of colors and freshness into your garden. Discover them in this selection.

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