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Climbing for pergola

214 results

214  results

From 10,50 € 8/9 cm pot

Available in 3 sizes


All climbing plants for pergolas from our spring/summer 2024 catalog. Like the wisteria, the honeysuckle, or the hop, these well-covering lianas are ideal for creating a lush and shaded space. The wisteria, with its spectacular floral clusters and enchanting fragrance, transforms even the most modest pergolas into a living tableau. The honeysuckle, known for its colorful flowers and intense fragrance, adds a touch of romance. The Virginia creeper Parthenocissus quinquefolia, with its dense and colorful foliage in autumn, offers a visual spectacle that never gets old. The kiwi, with its beautiful glossy leaves and delicious fruits, is both ornamental and tasty. The Campsis tagliabuana 'Madame Galen', known for its abundant flowering and rapid growth, is ideal for effective shading. The Akebia pentaphylla, with its delicate flowers and unusual fruits, offers visual and gustatory interest. The Trachelospermum jasminoides captivates with its evergreen foliage and star-shaped flowers with an intoxicating fragrance. The Bougainvillea 'Violet de Mèze', famous for its better cold resistance and vibrant flowers, creates an impressive visual effect throughout the summer. Discover them in this selection.

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