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Apricot trees for the northern half

8 results

8  results

A selection of hardy Apricot trees for Northern gardens. At the top of the list is the'Polish' Apricot tree, famous for its ability to bear fruit in the coolest climates due to its late flowering that easily escapes spring frosts. The'Harcot' Apricot tree, very hardy (-20°C), with delicious fruits, is a top choice for challenging regions. Also worth mentioning is the 'Bergeron', an Apricot tree surprisingly adaptable to the north thanks to its tolerance, prized for its succulent apricots. The'Early Saumur' Apricot tree is also an excellent choice for its early fruiting, while the variety 'Peach of Nancy' stands out for its strong resistance to heavy frosts and late high-quality fruiting. With its exceptionally late flowering, the 'Late Bord' Apricot tree minimizes the risk of damage from spring frosts. These Apricot trees and many others have been carefully selected for their low heat requirements and fruit-bearing qualities. Discover them in these pages. These Apricot trees are perfect for creating an orchard or adorning a spacious garden. Their cultivation requires a sunny exposure and deep, well-drained, and fertile soil. Adequate watering and judicious pruning will ensure an abundance of quality fruits. Also, check out our complete guide "Apricot tree: planting, pruning, maintenance". And our buying guide "Apricot tree: the best varieties"

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