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Perennial melliferous plants for dry soil

768 results

768  results


Our range of melliferous perennials for dry soil. Drought-resistant plants that feed pollinators, such as lavenders and thyme. The large family of sages is full of species that thrive in dry soil and are known for their nectariferous flowers, such as common sage. Many varieties of Sedum have a highly visited flowering period by bees, including the Matrona sedum, which offers umbels of star-shaped flowers in late summer. Discover also the Agastaches for dry soil, including 'Blue Boa', with its blue-violet inflorescences, which brings the dry garden to life in summer with the flight of pollinators. Among penstemons, you will find beautiful melliferous plants like the hybrid 'Husker Red' with its reddish stems topped with white or pink flowers, remarkably resistant to drought. Let's not forget rosemary, an aromatic plant from the garrigue, or gauras with their delicate dancing white or pink flowers. And many more to discover on these pages.

These melliferous perennials thrive in the sun in well-drained soil, adapting to summer drought once established.

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