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8  results


Our range of Epipactis. Epipactis are terrestrial orchids that bring a touch of wild elegance to our gardens. The Epipactis gigantea or giant helleborine is characterized by fairly large flowers in shades of pink, brown, and yellow, reminiscent of butterfly petals. The Epipactis palustris, also known as marsh helleborine, displays delicate white and purple flowers, making these varieties ideal for wet areas. Also discover the Epipactis royleana, a beautiful botanical species native to Asia, with dark flowers ranging from pink-purple to deep red. These orchids thrive in various environments, from forests to pond banks.

Epipactis prefer moist, well-drained soils and tolerate exposure ranging from partial shade to full sun. To plant them, prepare a soil rich in humus and plant them in spring or autumn. Regular watering is recommended, especially during the first year, to ensure good growth.

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