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Typha, cattail

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5  results


The Typha, commonly known as cattails, are beautiful aquatic plants from the Typhaceae family. The most common ones are the Typha latifolia (broadleaf cattail) and the Typha angustifolia (narrowleaf cattail). These plants are characterized by their long linear leaves and long brown spike-like inflorescences. Typha have a robust underground rootstock and are helophytes, meaning they grow in wet and marshy areas.

To cultivate these aquatic plants, choose a sunny or partially shaded location with soil rich in organic matter and consistently moist. Typha can be planted directly in water up to 30 cm deep or on the banks. They contribute to the natural filtration of water and provide valuable shelter for aquatic fauna. Combine Typha with other aquatic perennials such as water lilies, cordate pontederia, and water irises.

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