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Frost-resistant bushes

3377 results

3377  results


Our frost and cold-resistant shrubs. The boxwood, the forsythia, and the lilac (Syringa) are famous for their ability to withstand severe frost and winter temperatures below -15°C. The boxwood is known for its evergreen foliage that structures the garden all year round, while the forsythia enchants spring with its bright yellow flowers. The lilac, on the other hand, is praised for its clusters of fragrant flowers, offering a beautiful palette of colors and fragrances in spring. The dogwood, valued for its colorful branches in winter, shows remarkable cold resistance. The mahonia, with its often thorny leaves and clusters of yellow flowers, creates a captivating winter spectacle. The Hibiscus syriacus, or Althaea, widely planted for its spectacular summer flowers, surprises with its resistance to low temperatures. Also worth mentioning is the spirea and its abundant flowering in spring or summer depending on the variety, a deciduous shrub without worries. The holly (Ilex) also holds a prominent place in cold climate gardens, as does the Canadian serviceberry (Amelanchier canadensis). Lastly, the thorny lemon tree (Poncirus trifoliata), related to the lemon tree, is a citrus fruit that surprises with its hardiness (up to -20°C). And many other varieties to discover on these pages.

To go further, also consult our advice sheets: "8 very hardy shrubs that are insensitive to frost" and "7 shrubs that resist cold and drought".

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