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Very fast delivery, careful packaging, Pervenches very lively, which have supported the journey very well.
Delivery between 3rd and 6th May, then becomes around 15th May. Latest news, Chronopost doesn't know where it is!!!! ????????
Living far from the nursery, I had reserved and paid for three potted trees for a total of €325.40. I had insisted during my purchase that the plants be healthy and beautiful. The next day, Promesse de Fleurs called me back to inform me that two of the plants were not "sellable". Since I had planned to plant the trees in the same space, taking only one did not fit at all with the garden plan! For this reason, and the distance to travel, I asked for a full refund, which was accepted without discussion. I particularly appreciated the helpfulness and honesty of Promesse de Fleurs.
The plants were delivered quickly and were well packaged. Today, they are in the ground and I can't wait to see the results in the coming months. I really appreciate the advice and information on your website, which is also very pleasant...
I had ordered two Epipactis palustris in October. I recently received an email to discuss them. I called Promesses de Fleurs to report it. It was a Tuesday. On Friday, I received two Epipactis that have recovered well. Thank you to Promesses de Fleurs for the quality of all their services.
2 orders one month apart, and everything went well. The items were well protected. As they are fragile, there were 2 slightly tired plants upon opening, out of the total of ten, but they are gradually regaining strength since being replanted. The instructions are clear, each plant is identifiable, and the order processing is fast.
Outrageous! I just received a supposed 80 cm hydrangea that I paid €65 for. It arrived in a flimsy, slightly damaged box. On top of that, the poor plant had a package of fertilizer that I had ordered thrown on it by the person responsible for packaging, which broke a few stems. Half of the plant has dead branches, hopefully the rest will survive. The plant is not 80 cm, more like 40 cm. No more online orders from Promesse de Fleurs for me!
Promise of flowers... that's a beautiful lie based on my experience. I placed several orders, and in each one, the plants died. Some arrived in a very sad state, which I had informed them about, and they just "noted" it, they said. Many of them died or completely disappeared, despite, and I insist, having protected them with mulch and having had a very mild winter, all the best conditions were met. Their reaction, very minimal actually, was to offer credit for two of them, no refund. This means that I have to pay for shipping if I want to get some of it back. Disgusted! Never again, no trust whatsoever.
Well-conditioned plants Delivery within the specified time
We ordered plants in October 2023 and upon delivery, the trumpet vine looked very unhealthy. But we felt secure as this website provides a guarantee for at least one year! Now, after 6 months, it is clear that the plant is dead - along with several others. After several attempts to claim, they have neither replaced nor refunded - so they have not kept their promise - only a small credit with shipping fees still at our expense. We have been ordering from them for some time, but now it's over. Avoid this site!
Plants received in perfect condition, Packaging was top-notch. Highly recommendable supplier.
The plants are poorly secured in the cardboard box: they move during transport, resulting in two broken branches on the photinias. Some sellers use a padding (holding the plant at its base, above the pot) that prevents any movement within the box. Otherwise, their overall condition and the rest of the packaging (plastic bag to keep the soil in the pots and maintain moisture) were satisfactory.
Great selection of plants. That's a big plus. Inconsistencies in the quality of the plants. Some have no chance of producing. The products don't seem to be adequately checked during shipment preparation. Refunds or replacements are guaranteed, but that's not the goal.
I am disappointed because 2 out of 10 plans did not take. The mini plans are indeed very small, so I am observing to see their growth and especially the special color that I ordered. I hope not to have a second disappointment. I am taking great care of them, so I hope for results. We'll see...
I have just bought (again) some plants from Promesse de Fleurs. There was a small issue with certain plants in the package and PdF immediately took the necessary steps to resolve it. This further demonstrates the recognized professionalism of this nursery.
The products arrived completely out of their pots and loose, with soil everywhere (the condition of the outer package being normal), probably due to rough handling by the carriers. It is necessary to review the packaging and handling of the products.
I give it all the stars. However, unfortunately, one peony plant was quite damaged during transportation due to the packaging. After making a complaint, it was replaced for me, but not at the same price (lower price). I think they should reconsider their packaging system, as it is a bit too flimsy. Additionally, there are no instructions provided for replanting, nor the names of the peonies. It's a shame, but I will try another order in the future, as the flowers are of good quality.
Fast delivery times. Carefully packaged parcel. The plants are beautiful.
I have placed several orders and each time, I have been disappointed. Between the plants that were refunded because they arrived in poor condition and those that did not survive, I have very few plants left from my purchases. The Obdam daffodils did not bloom, the Cloud Nine geranium died, and the Highlander Cha Cha delphinium also died. It's a shame because they have a wide selection of plants.