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Equisetum - Horsetail

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5  results


Horsetails or Equisetum are rhizomatous perennials with a rigid shape that will grow well in wet areas. The thin and cylindrical stems branch out at their ends, giving a feathery appearance. Cryptogamous, they do not flower. These plants are very hard and they love moisture and an acidic and compact soil. Used in the edges of basins, they can also be grown in pots. Also known as Horsetail, Rat's Tail or Fox's Tail, the Field Horsetail is often found in the wild. The Japanese Horsetail is also known for its green stems with decorative black rings. Be careful, these plants can become invasive if not contained! Tip: As a liquid fertilizer, they enhance the resistance of plants to cryptogamous diseases (rust, powdery mildew, downy mildew...) and have a repellent effect on certain parasites such as aphids or slugs. 1 dose of liquid fertilizer for 9 of water. Properties: Field Horsetail has numerous properties: diuretic, healing, remineralizing, astringent...

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