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Autumn fragrant bushes

102 results

102  results


A selection of fragrant autumn bushes whose flowering perfumes the garden from September to November. If autumn is the season of colours in the garden, it is also the season of scents as exhaled by Autumn Camellias (Camellia sasanqua) with their delicate pink to white corollas, the shy bells of Ebbing's Elaeagnus, and the white bouquets of Holly-leaved Osmanthus. Less known, Clerodendrons or clergy trees - especially Clerodendrum trichotomum 'Fargesii' - also offer beautiful fragrance at the end of the season. Many varieties of abelias are still in bloom in October-November if there is no frost, especially the Chinese Abelia. Elegant and discreet, this bush often reveals its presence through the powerful fragrance of its countless small flowers, a mix of lilac, jasmine, and hyacinth. Flowering for the first time in spring, Choisya Scented Gem is a Mexican Orange that blooms again in September-October. Its flowers, which attract bees, have a gentle fragrance of orange blossom. It is not uncommon to encounter fragrance among late-flowering shrubs. In our range, you will find evergreen or deciduous varieties for every region and soil type.