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The Jeffersonia genus has just two species.  Belonging to the Berberidaceae family, they are related to Epimediums. Like their cousins, Jeffersonia are plants of damp shaded areas. The first species, Jeffersonia diphylla, is native to eastern North America while the second, Jeffersonia dubia is native to eastern Asia. Growing slowly, these perennials form small clumps adorned with characteristic, rounded, notched or divided leaves. Their beautiful flowers, in star-shaped cups, white or mauve, appear from early spring. The flowers usually appear before or at the same time as the new leaves. Jeffersonia live for many years in shady locations, in humus-rich soil, even limestone soils. Their deciduous foliage is absent in winter. To accompany them, think of the Epimedium, LiverwortsHelleboresFernsCyclamenTrilliums and other Japanese Anemones.

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