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Dissected Foliage Japanese Maples

13 results

13  results


A beautiful collection of finely dissected, incised, lace-like Japanese Maples with particularly thin leaf lobes. In this group of Japanese maples, we find the Acer palmatum Dissectum and all its varieties, the most well-known being 'Garnet', 'Viridis' or 'Atropurpureum'. The Japanese maple with simply palmate leaves (Acer palmatum) also offers some unique selections with its thread-like foliage, such as 'Koto-No-Ito', or with its spectacular scarlet purple colour in 'Crimson Queen'. These deciduous trees, which offer a graphic silhouette and fantastic foliage, are the undisputed stars of urban gardens or Japanese-style, contemporary or zen gardens. Their size varies from 1.25m (4ft) for the more modest ones, with most reaching a height of about 5m (16ft), and the tallest reaching a height of 10m (33ft).

In general, Japanese Dissectum maples prefer semi-shaded exposures and well-drained, slightly acidic and moist soil. 

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