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Agapanthus A to Z

84 results

84  results


Discover all our agapanthus from A to Z:  We offer almost 50 varieties of deciduous or evergreen agapanthus, some of which are resistant enough to tolerate frosts. With their delicate umbels of blue, white, violet or almost black flowers emerging above a tuft of lush foliage, this superb perennial from South Africa, also known as the Nile lily, is the queen of summer. Having become one of the favourite plants of landscapers in just a few years, agapanthus is suitable for all styles of gardens: contemporary, Mediterranean, romantic or inspired by nature; its architectural design energises any decor and highlights a strategic point in the garden such as an entrance, the corner of a patio or the curve of a pathway. The majestic agapanthus can be planted in the garden, while the shorter ones are perfect in pots on the patio or balcony. Over time, agapanthus become increasingly generous, and for the larger ones, they equal the presence of certain bushes. Depending on the variety, agapanthus blooms from May until September on tall stems from 60 cm (24in) to over 1.20 m (4ft). This beauty has only one requirement: full sun. It adapts to any good, fertile garden soil that remains slightly moist throughout its growth and flowering period. 

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