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Aromatic and decorative, the tansy (in Latin Tanacetum), sometimes called pyrethrum, is a valuable ally for gardeners: this aromatic plant has remarkable insect-repellent, insecticidal and fungicidal properties. It is often used in the form of a spray to fight against pests and diseases in the vegetable garden, as well as in ornamental gardens. Of the approximately 70 species belonging to the genus Tanacetum, Tanacetum vulgare of our European wild flora is undoubtedly the best known. It is a plant of the Asteraceae family, a relative of daisies and dandelions.  They share similar flowers organised in heads, made up of a collar of ligules surrounding a yellow centre. Tansies are also appreciated for their beautifully cut foliage, with a powerful fragrance, and their vigour. Hardy, these plants appreciate the sun and well-drained, even fairly dry soils. Exuberant, and even invasive due to their trailing roots, perennial species must be kept under control, unless they are given a somewhat uncultivated and neglected corner of the garden.

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