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6  results


The Schizostylis, sometimes called the Kaffir lily, is a perennial ground covering plant with rhizomatous growth and gramineous foliage similar to that of Irises and gladioli. Native to South Africa, this wonderful plant blooms out of season, as most irises flower in spring or early summer, the Schizostylis blooms in early autumn. This corresponds to spring in its country of origin. The open cup-shaped flowers are grouped in spikes 50-60cm (20-24in) above the ground, and they can be red, pink or white depending on the variety. The rootstock is formed by swollen rhizomes like bulbs, connected by long slender rhizomes, allowing it to spread widely. This plant is easy to grow, Schizostylis thrive in sunny and warm areas but also in a moist, rich, clay or clay-limestone soil that is not waterlogged. It will find its place on the banks of a pond or in a miwed flower bed where the soil remains fresh (moist but not waterlogged) in summer and autumn.

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