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Red Coreopsis

8 results

8  results


The Coreopsis with flowers in shades of red or copper offer a vibrant palette to enhance your garden or balcony. Among them, the Ruby Red Coreopsis, with its dazzling ruby red flowers, the Red Satin Coreopsis which captivates with the intensity and duration of its red flowers with amber yellow centers, and the C. grandiflora 'Presto', compact and with shimmering copper flowers, are essential choices. Discover them as well as many others in this selection.

Coreopsis thrive in flower beds, borders, rockeries, and in planters. These perennials thrive in the sun and in well-drained soil. Their drought tolerance is valuable if they are planted in the ground. A light pruning after each wave of flowers promotes new flowering. Successfully cultivate them for a touch of brilliance in your garden, as well as in pots to liven up your balcony throughout the summer.

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