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Blue Clematis

95 results

95  results


Our range of blue-flowering Clematis. These are pretty vines like the Multi blue Clematis with double flowers, robust climbers with large flowers like the famous 'The President', or the small Clematis integrifolia Blue River, herbaceous and bushy, ideal for a small garden. In recent years, horticulturists have "invented" some very pretty varieties, such as Success Bleu de Loire, particularly floriferous, small in size, well suited for terrace decoration. Clematis offer a whole range of blues, from the palest blue in the Clematis viticella 'Sea Breeze', to the deepest blue in 'Rhapsody'. Small bell-shaped flowers (C. alpina), large single flowers, or double pompom flowers in 'Diamantina'. Several wild species, mostly perennials, produce flowers in blue tones, including Clematis stans and C. heracleifolia. One of the easiest to grow is the Italian Clematis (C. viticella), also known as the blue Clematis. This small climber produces small trailing flowers in a beautiful mauve-blue colour all summer long. Discover our Clematis Ciel Indigo Collection, to offer - or to treat yourself!

Clematis represents a genus rich in diversity, with colours, shapes, and sizes for every taste. Take advantage of their easy cultivation to give your garden or terrace a romantic and bohemian touch. For everything you need to know about clematis, consult our complete guides: "Clematis - planting, pruning, and maintenance" and "Clematis diseases".

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