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Clematis A to Z

385 results

385  results


Choose from 250 varieties of clematis from A to Z. Climbing, herbaceous, early or late, evergreen or deciduous, with large or small flowers, from Patens to Montana, with a long summer flowering period like the clematis viticella, or spring and perpetual flowering, clematis come in a wide range of colours and in multiple forms. There is something for every taste and every situation. Some form vines up to 8 metres (26 feet) long, capable of climbing trees and fences, while others do not exceed 2 metres (7 feet) and are covered with flowers for many weeks in a pot on the terrace. Others, which form perennial bushes like the integrifolia clematis or macropetala clematis, easily fit into flower beds or shrubberies. Discover this incredible diversity that allows every gardener, even beginners, to welcome this extraordinary plant often called the queen of climbers, planted in the ground or in pots. Here they are:

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