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Alternatives to lawn

44 results

44  results


A true alternative to the lawn, these ground cover plants are the ideal solution to replace the short grass meadow. Ecological, requiring little or no mowing, watering, and maintenance, some perennial plants can withstand regular trampling and are adorned with nectar-rich flowers. Forming well-trimmed mats, they are also sometimes called "vegetable carpets". They can be planted alone or mixed together for the desired effect. Among them, we find the very chic Creeping Chamomile (Chamaemelun nobile Treneague), as perfect as the lovely Woolly Thyme (Thymus pseudolanuginosus) or the excellent Zoysia tenuifolia known as "Mascarene Grass". Discover all our lawn alternative ground cover perennials: you will surely find the ideal plant to replace your short grass meadow!


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