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Robinia - Black Locust

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7  results


Robinia or False Acacia, in Latin Robinia pseudoacacia is a thorny ornamental shrub or small tree from the Fabaceae family, often confused with its cousin the Acacia, which we call mimosa. Robinia, native to North America, is widely cultivated around the world, where it is appreciated for its hardiness, rapid growth, ease of cultivation, and beautiful summer flowering in fragrant and honey-bearing clusters. Its pea-like flowers, white in the species type, are sometimes red as in 'Casque rouge'. Robinia is suitable for small and large gardens alike, it is perfectly resistant to cold and tolerates poor soils. It naturally finds its place in a flowering hedge or barrier hedge, or as an isolated specimen, like the cultivar 'Tortuosa' which has a beautifully tortuous silhouette. With its lightly cut leaflets, Robinia is an excellent shade plant: it filters the sun in summer and lets the light through in winter. You can also place it against a background of evergreen shrubs or conifers. We also love this small tree for the flavour and fragrance of its flowers, which can be used to make delicious fritters.


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