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5  results


Eucalyptus or gum tree, from the bushy shrub to the tall tree, is an evergreen and strongly aromatic plant of fast growth, originally from Australia, well adapted to our Atlantic or Mediterranean climates, with hardiness that varies depending on the species. Well known for its medicinal properties (Eucalyptus radiata), Eucalyptus is also an elegant tree, appreciated for the beauty of its blue leaves in Eucalyptus gunnii, bright green or silver-grey. Not to mention the decorative aspect of its coloured bark that peels off in flakes, nor its flowering in beautiful clusters of stamens that highlights its belonging to the myrtle family. One of the characteristics of Eucalyptus lies in the dimorphism that is frequently observed between the juvenile foliage, almost round, and the adult, lanceolate and narrow leaves. In the garden, Eucalyptus are undemanding plants, which should be chosen based on their soil preferences (moist, dry, chalky, acidic), their hardiness, but also their development: take into account the adult size of the variety, as in two to three years, the growth can be spectacular!

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