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Summer-flowering Magnolia

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38  results


Our range of summer-flowering magnolias. Among them, the evergreen magnolias such as Magnolia grandiflora and its numerous varieties (Galissonière, Purpan, Little Gem), commonly known as summer magnolias, with their large white tulip-like flowers. But also the beautiful and highly scented hybrids of Michelia, as well as the perpetual cultivars that flower between May-June and September. There are also deciduous bushes that flower in summer, such as Magnolia sieboldii and hypoleuca, or Magnolia macrophylla with its spectacular foliage. Magnolia thompsoniana, on the other hand, flowers continuously from May to July. The unique Magnolia brooklynensis Eva Maria will flower in late spring on already leafy branches, producing cup-shaped flowers that change colour throughout the flowering period.

The summer magnolia, the ultimate ornamental tree or bush, is most often planted as a solitary specimen in the middle of a lawn where its flowering is most striking. Compact varieties find their place in small gardens and can be easily grown in containers.


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