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Betula - Birch tree

23 results

23  results


The birches, Betula in Latin, are generally large deciduous trees, hardy, with decorative bark and light foliage, used in groups or individually in large gardens. Some smaller species and varieties are well suited to small spaces or even container gardening, such as the Betula Nana, while others have a beautiful weeping habit, decorative wood, or unique foliage, like Betula pendula Royal Frost. Belonging to the Betulaceae family, these trees are also highly valued in herbal medicine and are perfectly adapted to cold climates and poor soils, rich in sand, that remain moist. Their branches, often upright and nicely spaced, pleasantly filter the light in summer. Their autumn foliage is another asset of these forest dwellers. A very beautiful ornamental tree, the qualities of the birch allow it to adapt to all styles of gardens, although it does not thrive in hotter southern regions of Europe.


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