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Caltha - Marsh Marigold

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3  results


Caltha palustris, Marsh marigold, belongs to the Ranunculaceae family. It is native to temperate regions of the north. It is a semi-aquatic perennial herbaceous plant with rhizomes found on the edges of water. Very hardy, it is one of the first spring flowering plants in ponds and streams. With its simple golden yellow flowers resembling buttercups, the marsh marigold produces flowers with a large cluster of stamens, beneficial for the survival of many pollinating insects in early spring. 

In a small rounded clump of 30cm (12in), the marsh marigold is ideal for dressing the banks of a body of water such as a pond, a pool, or even a natural swimming pool. Its heart-shaped shiny foliage is deep green with a touch of purple, and its deciduous leaves are wide and thick.

It is important to cultivate marsh marigold in rich soil that is consistently moist or even waterlogged. Like most aquatic plants, you can also plant Caltha palustris in an aquatic basket. 


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