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63  results


The Hibiscus or Althaea, mainly the hybrids of the syriacus species, are grown for their magnificent summer blooms that lasts until October. They are very hardy, they have deciduous, simple, dark green toothed leaves and single or double cup-shaped flowers depending on the varieties ranging from white to violet with a darker center. Some, such as the Althaea 'Blue Bird' (3m (10ft)), blue-violet with a dark red center or the Althaea 'White Chiffon' (2m (7ft)) with pure white double flowers, are absolutly stunning . Of relatively slow growth, Hibiscus are planted in rich, moist, well-drained, neutral soil in a sunny location, although they can tolerate partial shade. Watering is necessary in summer. Pruning in spring consists of shortening the the light gray branches and shoots of the previous year, . Hibiscus can be used as solitary plants, in flower beds with large perennials, grasses, or as a free hedge. Tip: In regions with cool summers, prefer single-flowered forms.

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