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Sharing our passion for plants with all gardeners,
offering the world's largest selection of garden plants and constantly introducing fresh novelties,
providing a good customer service and customised advice -
this is what we love and what drives us each and every day at Promesse de fleurs!

Promesse de fleurs

Inspiring your

Promesse de fleurs is a family-owned nursery dedicated to providing quality plants and service.

Whether you're a beginner, experienced gardener, or collector, you'll find what you're looking for among our 20,000 varieties of perennials, shrubs, trees, climbers, roses, bulbs, annuals, and seeds. We guide you through the stages of selecting, planting, and caring for your plants, and offer inspiration, style, and contemporary solutions.

We believe in creating gardens adapted to our lifestyles and to today's environmental challenges. We are committed to guiding and inspiring you to create beautiful and sustainable gardens. Gardens to live and dream in for many years!

Our local roots


Promesse de fleurs’ roots are anchored in its history: originating from and based in Flanders, France, since the 1950s, we remain attached to our local culture and local heritage.

The town of Houplines near Lille, France, is the company’s heart-beat, where all your plants are dispatched from. Within a nursery area of 10 hectares and 10,000 m2 of greenhouses, we grow nearly 25,000 varieties of plants, trees, and shrubs.

The company was created in 1954 as Schryve Jardin. At the time, it was a nursery and seed shop on a small village square in northern France, and its reputation for quality quickly spread beyond regional borders.

In 2008, the family business was taken over by Pascal Griot and transformed into a specialist online plant retailer driven by the ambition of offering the widest selection worldwide, a super-fast delivery service, and first-class advice!

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All the plants in the world

While this may sound a little presumptuous, it is true to say that Promesse de fleurs offers the world's widest selection of garden plants!

We continue to expand our ranges with each season and are about to exceed 25,000 varieties, of which nearly 10,000 are in stock and immediately available.

Perennials, shrubs, trees, climbers, roses, bulbs, annuals, and seeds: we carefully select all our horticultural gems and are constantly adding to our novel and exclusive ranges.

Your orders are carefully prepared in our greenhouses and large quantities of fresh plants are shipped on a daily basis after diligent inspection and protective packaging, to France and wider destinations in Europe and worldwide.

Our commitments

These are integral to our mission and encompass our values, and we strive daily to enhance them.


Providing a good service and
customised advice

We strive daily to offer an excellent quality of service to, and develop an attentive and honest relationship with our customers.

We offer a fast and high quality delivery service: your plants will reach you within 24 to 48 hours, or on your selected date. Our packaging is designed to protect your plants during their journey.

We systematically replace or refund unsatisfactory products - in the event of damage during delivery transit for example - and guarantee the successful growth of our plants for a period ranging from 6 months for annuals to 1 year for perennials, and even 2 years for trees and shrubs.

Someone from our customer service is always available to assist you with gardening enquiries by offering simple, jargon-free and unpressurised advice!

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Doing the right thing:
our social responsibility

Each of us within Promesse de Fleurs are guided by the four values of RESPECT, TEAM SPIRIT, COMMITMENT and RIGOUR, and HONESTY. We compiled these together and strive to abide by them every day.

We favour sustainable employment, versatility, and internal promotion of our teams. In a spirit of sharing, the value of half of the company's profits are distributed to the employees, and since 2022, we have established an employee shareholding scheme.

We are proud to have been awarded in 2023 the HappyIndexAtWork® accolade, which rewards quality of life, commitment, and well-being for everyone at work.

We engage in long-term commitments with producers to preserve our plant diversity and support the industry.

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Developing environmentally-
friendly practices

We respect the growth cycles of plants and do not force them on.

Since 2015, we have maintained a zero chemical treatment policy in our greenhouses. When we do treat plants, it is always sparingly and only using eco-friendly or organic treatments.

We optimise the consumption of our energy resources: we do not heat our greenhouses and 90% of our equipment is electric.

We are committed to reducing waste with our low-cost ‘Goody-baskets’ ("Paniers Bons Plants") made up of unsold plants, and by offering a plastic-free ordering service.

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responsible gardening

We encourage gardeners on a daily basis to select suitably adapted plants that are adapted and help them reduce plant waste. We also widely promote the practice of responsible gardening through thousands of advice articles and in all our communications.

The first essential step in combating plant over-consumption is to ensure that you grow plants suited to your environment and skills. Our anti-waste application ‘Plantfit’ provides ultra-customised advice to help you choose the right plants for the right location.

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Our advice systematically promotes eco-friendly garden products and practices (plant, soil, and biodiversity protection, and water management).

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