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3  results


The Erythrina crista-galli is a small tree of the Fabaceae family, native to South America. This plant is most often grown in our temperate climates as a herbaceous plant in open ground, or as a bush in a greenhouse. Its habit, initially upright, becomes spreading over the years if it manages to form a small tree, but the variety 'Compacta' will not exceed 1.50 m (5ft) in all directions at the age of 10, forming many stems but no trunks. The foliage is deciduous in our latitudes and has a shiny bluish-green colour. The flowering appears in late spring in clusters of papilionaceous flowers in a stunning coral red with a large downward-facing standard. This flowering, rich in nectar, attracts many pollinating insects. This bush is not demanding in terms of soil type, even poor soil, and is not difficult to cultivate in a large pot for overwintering in cold regions.

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