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Santoline - Lavender Cotton

6 results

6  results


The Santolina, is a small decorative shrub or bush with silver, evergreen and aromatic foliage, topped with a summer flowering of yellow pompoms, and it is well known in its 'little cypress' (Santolina chamaecyparissus) form, which makes charming borders in well-tended gardens. This Mediterranean plant from the Asteraceae family, is highly resistant to cold, and is also appreciated for its ability to grow in the most barren, stony, poor, chalky or dry soils in summer. Santolines have their place in all types of gardens, formal, contemporary or natural. Very easy to grow in well-drained soil, they age better in poor soils and do not tolerate stagnant moisture well. Their only requirement is an annual pruning after flowering to maintain a beautiful, bushy habit, or even before flowering in a formal border.

With a typically Mediterranean appearance, extremely willing, fragrant and decorative all year round, the santolina is a plant from the garrigue that deserves to be widely used in the garden. From the Santolina neapolitana Edward Bowles with abundant pale yellow flowers, to the S. serratifolia or the bright 'Lemon Fizz' with golden foliage, the genus is more diverse than it seems. Discover our collection of santolines and get inspired by the thought of various combinations with our  Mediterranean perennials and plants for a dry garden.

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