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Tropical water lilies

7 results

7  results


These topical water lilies are aquatic treasures from our nursery, exceptional exotic plants for water gardens and terrace ponds. Our varieties such as Nymphaea colorata, 'Tina', 'Miami Rose' stand out for their vibrant colours and spectacular flowers emerging from the surface. Also discover Nymphaea 'Dauben' or the cultivar 'Pennsylvania' and their enchanting blue flowers. These lush and exotic varieties originate from warm regions. Unlike hardy water lilies, they require high temperatures and cannot tolerate frost.

These tropical water lilies are particularly suitable for water gardens in regions with a very mild climate or for ponds in greenhouses.

To encourage the growth of your tropical water lilies, choose a sunny location for your pond and ensure that the water temperature remains above 20°C. Plant your water lilies in a suitable basket filled with special aquatic plant soil. The planting depth will vary depending on the chosen variety, but tropical water lilies generally prefer a water depth ranging from 30 cm to 1 m.

Below you will find an exclusive collection of tropical water lilies from around the world.

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