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4  results


Holboellia latifolia is a climbing plant native to the Himalayas and of fairly rapid growth. This climbing plant develops fragrant monoecious flowers in spring, meaning that both male and female flowers are found on the same plant, grouped in clusters that are 6 to 12cm (2 to 5in) wide. The male flowers are greenish-white while the female flowers are pinkish-purple in colour. In autumn, elongated red to purple fruits appear. The evergreen leaves of the Holboellia, also known as Goufla, are compound with three to nine leaflets. The large-leaved Holboellia can be used to decorate old walls and can be trained on a support. It is a vigorous plant, but strong frosts should be avoided.

Its cousin, Holboellia coriacea, also known as the Chinese Blue Vine, is a little-known but highly decorative climbing plant. This voluble plant is characterized by its persistent foliage and fairly discreet but delicately scented spring flowering. Although moderately hardy, the Chinese Blue Vine is easy to grow in well-drained, rich, humus-rich soil and in all exposures.

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