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2  results


Grindelia are perennial or annual plants, and even subshrubs of the Asteraceae family. They are originally cultivated for their aromatic resin with medicinal properties, but also attract gardeners with the extraordinary brilliance of their yellow daisy-like flowers, coated in nectar. Native to dry regions of North, South, and Central America, the perennial species cultivated in our gardens such as Grindelia integrifolia or Grindelia camporum are robust and vigorous plants, but moderately hardy in wet soils during winter. Covered in a kind of white sticky resin, grindelias form large clumps of leafy stems that can reach a height of 1.50m (5ft). Their green leaves are simple and entire. Flowering occurs in summer or early autumn, consisting of inflorescences in invariably yellow, shiny with nectar heads. Plant Grindelias in full sun, in a very well-drained, even rocky soil, or in a raised bed, even dry and poor, not retaining water in winter.

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