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Range and availability


Since creating Promesse de fleurs, we have been committed to offering you the widest selection of garden plants in the world (please note that not all our plants are available in all countries).

Each season, we continue to expand our range and in spring 2023 we exceeded the 25,000 varieties mark - including almost 15,000 varieties in stock and readily available.

We select all our plant innovations with the utmost care - perennials, shrubs, trees, climbers, roses, bulbs, annuals, and seeds - and are constantly adding new and exclusive varieties that you won't find anywhere else. 

We know each of our growers well, having selected them for the quality of their produce as well as for the technical and aesthetic qualities, robustness, and sometimes rarity of their plants.

We give priority to the quality of the root system, which guarantees a robust plant that will establish well in a garden. Our perennials, trees, and shrubs are grown outdoors or in an unheated greenhouse in pots or as bare-roots in similar conditions to those in a garden setting. NAs these are of a nursery quality, they are often less visually attractive than those in garden centres, but stronger.

We prefer generous packaging and long growing times.

For example :

- 9 months for perennials in 8/9 cm pots

- 18 months for perennials in 2/3 litre pots

- 2 to 3 years for shrubs in 2/3 litre pots

- 2 years in the ground for bare-root roses


Our plants are guaranteed as follows: 6 months for annuals, 1 year for perennials, and 2 years for trees and shrubs. 


Low Price, Sure Value, To be Discovered, and Collector’s Range: four new visual landmarks

To make life easier for you as a gardener and help you select the right plants to meet your expectations, we have identified several hundreds of plants within each plant family:

- Low price: our best value-for-money!

- Sure value: easy-to-grow, abundant plants for beginners and seasoned gardeners alike - a garden must-have!

- To be discovered: beautiful plants that you're unlikely to see in neighbouring gardens, so don't delay! 

- Collector’s range: if you’re an experienced gardener who loves a challenge… these varieties are for you!


Local sourcing


Today, over a third of our products are sourced locally: 31% of our plants are produced locally, within a radius of less than 150 km from the company, and 42% are grown in France. Our aim is to offer you 40% of locally sourced plants by 2026.

By 2026, we are committed to offering you 40% of locally-sourced plants, prioritising local production or our own production by establishing a network of local horticultural subcontractors.


Organic ranges

Within our range, 30% of vegetable plants and 15% of fruit trees sold are organically grown.

60% of fertilisers and growing media (compost, mulch) are suitable for organic farming (UAB), and we no longer sell so-called conventional treatment products.


By 2026, we are committed to: 

- Offering a growing proportion of organic vegetable and orchard produce, namely 40% of our orchard and vegetable ranges from organic farming.

- Increase our range of organic-compatible fertilisers and growing media from 45% today to 75% of our total UAB fertilisers and growing media

- To develop, to our own ends - and for the rest of the industry - a horticultural scheme dedicated to organically-grown ornamental plants, aiming to achieve 20% of our total ornamental range to be organic by 2026. Unfortunately, there are virtually no organic ranges of ornamental plants, most of which have undergone chemical treatments before reaching our greenhouses.


Let us guide you with our Product sheets, Garden advice section, and Plantfi toolt

For each of our plants, you will find a detailed, illustrated description of its flowering, foliage, and growth habit, together with planting and care advice and ideas for plant combinations.


You'll find all the following useful information on our product sheets:

- Availability: our stocks are displayed and updated in real-time on the product sheets. If a plant is temporarily unavailable, click on the availability alert and you'll be notified when it is back in stock. 

- Plants as delivered to you: a photo of the plant as it will be delivered to you, depending on the season.

Lastly, Plantfit, our application offering customised advice equivalent to that of a professional gardener, enables you to check that the plant you would like is indeed suited to your garden and your skills.


Finally, Plantfit, our application offering customised advice equivalent to that of a professional gardener, enables you to check that the plant you would like is indeed suited to your garden and your skills.