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Dwarf Agapanthus

12 results

12  results


The dwarf Agapanthus, deciduous or evergreen, whose flowering height does not exceed 60 cm (24in), are perfect for borders, small spaces, sunny rockeries, and creating flowering pots. More or less hardy but always very floriferous, numerous compact varieties are available to meet every gardener's desires. They offer umbels of flowers ranging from deep blue in the Agapanthus 'Pitchoune Blue' to pure white in 'Thumbelina', and azure blue in 'Peter Pan'. Some even add to the beauty of their flowering the elegance of variegated foliage that persists in mild climates throughout winter, like the 'Tinkerbell' Agapanthus. Discover our selection of small agapanthus.

Whether large or small, agapanthus is cultivated in the same way, with only one requirement: full sun. 

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