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Wild Digitalis

13 results

13  results


Our range of wild Foxgloves, botanical species from all corners of the world. Who doesn't know Digitalis purpurea, native to European woodlands and recognised by its upright inflorescences of purple-pink bells, reaching a height of up to 1.5 metres? The less well-known Digitalis lutea from limestone hills bears light yellow flowers on floral stems that can measure up to 1 metre. Digitalis ferruginea, of Mediterranean origin, is distinguished by its flowers with shades of rusty brown. Digitalis grandiflora, bearing large pale yellow flowers, originates from European forests and reaches about 90 cm high. Digitalis parviflora, native to the Iberian mountains, has small intensely brick-red flowers tightly packed on a 80 cm stem. Digitalis lanata, the woolly Foxglove from the Balkans with its fuzzy leaves and tubular flowers blending cream white and brown. There is still much more to discover about the unsuspected diversity of wild Foxgloves in these pages.


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