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Dwarf Butterfly bush

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39  results


Our range of butterfly trees or dwarf Buddleias. These are bushes that are deciduous, semi-evergreen, or evergreen and do not exceed 1.50 m (5ft) in all directions. With a generous, nectar-rich, and often fragrant summer flowering, these dwarf buddleias are perfect for adding colour and life to small gardens and adapt well to container gardening. You can find the full range of colours that the butterfly tree offers in its smaller cousins: 'Nanho Purple' Buddleia has purple flowers, 'Nanho Blue' has lavender-blue flowers with orange eyes. White is showcased in the 'White Chip' dwarf buddleia or 'Snow White', while the 'Miss Ruby' buddleia (1.20 m (4ft)) displays spikes of pinkish-red flowers. Also discover the 'Pink Panther' dwarf Buddleia davidii with its soft pink panicles. Some smaller varieties produce flowers in pale yellow to cream tones, such as the 'Silver Anniversary' butterfly tree with its lovely silver-grey foliage. To brighten up a balcony or terrace, choose the 'Pink Micro Chip' Buddleia, a miniature selection that does not exceed 50 cm (20in) in all directions. It forms a cushion and flowers from June to October, with spikes of enchanting orchid pink flowers.

The Butterfly Trees, truly graceful and easy to grow, can be used as solitary specimens, grouped in borders, hedges, or even in containers for the dwarf varieties. They offer a beautiful diversity in terms of colours and foliage, allowing them to be combined with all flowering shrubs in the garden.



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