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25  results


Helianthemum means 'sunflower'. These evergreen or semi-evergreen shrubs, ranging from silver to bright green, are miniature cousins of the Cistus plants that populate the burning scrubland of the Mediterranean. They belong to the Cistaceae family. The genus includes over a hundred species that can be found in rocky or brush-covered soil in temperate regions around the world. In spring, they offer a profusion of delicate flowers, like crumpled silk, that only last for a day but are immediately replaced. In our gardens, we mainly use hybrids between Helianthemum appeninum and Helianthemum nummularium, countless and very colourful, such as the salmon-pink 'Rhodante Carneum' or the pastel yellow 'Wisley Primrose'. Give them what they prefer: perfect drainage, a handful of stones, a bit of humus, and the hottest sun in your garden.

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