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Gaillardia seeds

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8  results


The Gaillardia or Blanket flower is a perennial, biennial or annual plant from the Asteraceae family, appreciated for its summer flowering in warm colours, full of joy, but also for its undemanding nature. Gaillardia are synonymous with joy, robustness and vigour, characteristics of this intrepid plant whose various species are mainly native to the dry prairies of North America. Anglophones affectionately call it the 'blanket flower'. Indeed, the colours of gaillardia resemble the patterns and colours of Indian tapestries. Tall cultivars find their place in wild perennial borders, while dwarf selections are perfect for decorating rockeries and flower pots. Grow gaillardia in the sun, in light and well-drained soil. It is not afraid of drought or heat, so do not hesitate to plant it in full sun in your borders. As it self-seeds abundantly, be sure to remove faded flowers to stimulate new flowerings and to prevent it from taking up too much space. The seeds are sown early in spring under a heated shelter, or directly in place in April-May.


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