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19  results


Callistemon is an evergreen shrub with summer flowering that is as unique as it is remarkable. Its other name, the 'bottlebrush', comes from its long stamens gathered in dense brushes at the end of the branches. This relative of eucalyptus and myrtles is mostly native to Australia, where it appreciates the proximity of water , a deep siliceous soil, and at least some moisture in depth. Callistemons sometimes form dense bushes that do not exceed 1m (3ft) in height, but can also become small trees reaching up to 10m (33ft). Their very distinctive appearance is often considered a bit stiff, like that of Callistemon rigidus, and their flowering is somewhat garish and difficult to place in the garden. Their shapes soften and become truly graceful, as evidenced by the beautiful weeping bottlebrush silhouette, Callistemon viminalis. Callistemon laevis also display softer flowers in different tones of white, pink, mauve, or even yellow. Their tough, more or less grey-green, aromatic foliage indicates a good adaptation to periods of moderate drought.

Although sensitive to cold, resistant to heat, Callistemon is considered a Mediterranean plant, but it will also thrive in coastal regions in summer. The increasingly numerous compact varieties adapt perfectly to pot cultivation. 

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