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White Clematis

74 results

74  results


Our white flowering clematis. Like the Clematis armandii, an evergreen variety that produces clusters of small white flowers from early spring, or the large-flowered clematis 'Mme Lecoultre' with its pure white blooms, these climbing plants offer a flowering that complements all the colors in the garden. This white color can be found in vigorous climbing varieties, such as the Clematis montana 'Grandiflora', as well as in small climbers like the lovely 'White Pearl', which flowers from May to July. Some herbaceous varieties like 'Baby Star', which doesn't exceed 1.50m (5ft), are perfectly suited for cultivation in pots and small gardens. To create beautiful pots, sheltered from the cold, also consider evergreen New Zealand clematis like 'Early Sensation'. Many botanical species, like Clematis terniflora and C. vitalba, produce fragrant and nectar-rich white flowers; they are perfect for a natural garden. And for dry soils, consider the small-flowered clematis (C. flammula) and Clematis cirrhosa 'Wisley Cream', which thrives in the Mediterranean region. 


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