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Pink Bergenia

24 results

24  results


Our Plants with Pink Flowers. Find in this category the classic Bergenia cordifolia, with its large shiny cordate leaves and its pretty pink clusters in March. But also many varieties whose flowering explores the full range of pinks. For example, Bergenia 'Dragonfly Sakura' with double flowers in shades of pink, 'Pink Dragonfly' which blooms twice a year, with flowers in a beautiful bright pink nuanced with a paler pink. The rose Bergenia 'Wintermärchen', very floriferous, offers a flowering of a shiny dark pink, almost red, and leaves with a carmine reverse. Or 'Baby Doll', a miniature variety with delicate pastel pink flowers.

Hardy and undemanding, Bergenias are good ground cover plants, perfectly hardy. With a creeping rhizomatous stump and ample, leathery, evergreen leaves, they form pretty carpets that bloom from late winter, even in partial shade. Plant them in numbers to fill the edge of a shrub bed, at the base of a shaded wall, in a cool rockery...


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