Cistus - Rockrose

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Rockrose shrubs are Mediterranean bushes, so they are sensitive to cold but they resist drought very well and flower abundantly from April to July. With a bushy shape, they have evergreen foliage with a sticky texture. Their cup-shaped, crumpled flowers only last for one day but constantly renew themselves for two months during their flowering period. The Cistus purpurea has a beautiful dark pink color with brownish-purple spots near the center, while the spreading Cistus aguilarii has large white flowers. The Cistus albidus has a lovely silvery cottony foliage. These shrubs grow in dry and poor environments. They thrive in neutral, sandy soil that is well-drained and without limestone. They are best grown in sunny and warm locations in the garden. In well-drained soil, they can withstand temperatures as low as -10°C (14°F). Pruning should be done after flowering to maintain a bushy shape. Shrubs are used in mass plantings, rock gardens, containers, or as ground covering plants. Cistus oil has therapeutic properties, it is healing, anti-infectious, and soothing. 

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