Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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General questions

Who are Promesse de fleurs ?

Promesse de fleurs is a nursery based in Flanders, northern France that was founded in 1950 (more details are available about our history). We are a family-run business independent of any larger group, with around fifty employees.



Why order from Promesse de Fleurs?

Firstly, because we offer an unrivalled range of plants with nearly 25,000 varieties; and secondly, because we take great care to ensure the quality of our plants and of our services. Our customers are generally satisfied: here's what they say about their experience of buying from Promesse de Fleurs on Google (without any filter or control on our part)


How to contact us

You can get in touch with us:

  • Via our contact form by clicking here. We will respond within 24 hours
  • By Chat: use the Chatbox at the bottom right of this page. 


Can you advise me on what plants to choose?

You can also ask us questions here or by Chat using the Chatbox at the bottom right of this page. Our team of specialist advisers will do their utmost to advise you, help you design a bed, confirm whether a plant is or isn't suitable for your garden and your gardening skills, and answer your gardening questions.



What payment methods are accepted?

The payment methods available depend on the country from which you are ordering. These payment methods will be displayed when you place your order.

However, for all delivery countries, we offer at the very least the following payment methods: 

Credit card

Bank transfer

Payment by bank card is secure (SSL/TLS). We do not accept cash on delivery.

If you choose to pay in three instalments (orders over €120), a first debit equal to 33% of the total amount of your order is made on the day of the order. A further 33% will be debited 30 days later. The final 33% will be debited 60 days later.


I have a credit note. How can I use it?

All credit notes are in the form of a credit note available in your customer account, with a benefit code. Our credit notes are valid for 18 months from the date of issue and are refundable on request.

You can use the credit note by entering the relevant benefit code in the ‘benefit code’ field of the basket. The corresponding amount will then be deducted from the total to be paid.


Which countries can I have my order delivered to?

The list of countries we deliver to is displayed at the top of our web page. Only the countries displayed there and that indicated when you enter your delivery address are eligible destinations for the shipment of our plants.

Click here for more information on delivery countries.

How much are the delivery charges?

Details of delivery costs will be displayed in the basket depending on the country and delivery method chosen.

Click here for more information on delivery charges by country.


Can I choose my delivery date?

When you place your order, the default delivery date will be as soon as possible.

If may, if you prefer, select a later delivery date (even a long way off). In this case, the plants ordered will be reserved.

Click here for more information on delivery times


What is the delivery time frame for my order?

Plants, flower bulbs and seeds are dispatched Monday to Friday in standard mode, regardless of the transport means chosen.

If all the plants in your order are shown as available in stock (updated in real time for each plant page and in your basket), any order placed before 12 noon is dispatched the same day. Afternoon orders are dispatched the following day.

If one or more plants are unavailable at the time, their expected dispatch date will be the availability date indicated on the plant sheet and in your basket.


Click here for more information on delivery times

What happens if I'm out when the delivery arrives?

If you are out when your delivery arrives, the carrier will leave a delivery notice in your letterbox. The carrier will usually return the following day. You can contact the carrier to arrange an alternative delivery date.

Most carriers’ online order tracking system will allow you to reschedule the delivery date if necessary.

I'm never at home during the day. What are my delivery options?

If no-one is available to receive the parcel at your home, you can:

- Select the delivery to a pick-up point if available

- Have the parcel delivered to another address (such as your workplace or a neighbour for example)

- Leave us details of where to drop off the parcel in the ‘Comments’ section of the order form (such as ‘behind a gate’).


Which carrier(s) do you use?

We use several carriers for our deliveries depending on the type of parcel and the geographical location. We select the best carrier to deliver your order at the address you specify. Our carriers are chosen for their speed, reliability, and the quality of their handling of your order.

How can I track my order?

Once your order is dispatched, you can track its progress by clicking on the tracking link we emailed you when your order was dispatched, or on the order tracking page in the ‘My Orders’ section. 

If you do not have this email, or if you have any questions, you can contact us by chat by clicking on the Chatbox at the bottom right of this page.



What if my parcel delivery is delayed?

Check the carrier's tracking link. This will usually enable you to schedule a delivery date.

After a certain period which will vary according to the type of plant and the season, there is a risk that the plants may arrive damaged. Once this period has elapsed, we recommend that you contact us via our contact form or by chat using the Chatbox at the bottom right of this page so that we can take remedial action: depending on the case, we will offer you a swift resolution with the carrier and, if necessary, the reshipment of your order or refund you the cost.

In all cases of late delivery, we would ask you to accept the parcel. Unpack, water, and keep the plants in shade.

If you are concerned about the state of some plants, contact us by clicking here or by using the Chatbox at the bottom right of this page.

Do bear in mind that we take responsibility for the transport, and guarantee the safe recall  of defective plants across our entire range.



How can I subscribe to (or unsubscribe from) the newsletter?

To receive (or unsubscribe from) the newsletter, click here to ask us to do the necessary, providing your email address.


Where do you source your plants from?

All our plants originate from our nursery in Houplines, in northern France. They are grown outdoors or in unheated greenhouses.

Are you certified organic?

Part of our range is organic (the varieties concerned carry the ‘AB’ label). For the conventional (non-organic) part, we only use treatments permitted in organic farming; however, as we can't guarantee that no treatments were applied in the early stages of production (seeds, young plants), we cannot label this range as organic.



How do you pack your plants?

Our plants are dispatched well protected in plastic casings or cardboard packaging, padded with Kraft wrapping paper or bubble wrap. The pots are taken from the nursery on the day of dispatch and watered before shipping.  Protected in this way, our plants can cope perfectly well with a few days in transit, even if a careless driver were to mishandle a package.

What should I do if a plant arrives damaged?

It is very rare for a plant to arrive damaged. If this is the case, please let us know via our contact form or by chat using the Chatbox (at the bottom right of this page). We'll take stock of the situation together and decide on the best solution (planting and monitoring, reshipping, etc.).

What should I do if a plant fails to recover?

We guarantee the quality of our plants for a full growing cycle. We will replace at our own cost or refund any plant that fails to recover under normal planting and climatic conditions. If a plant appears to be in poor shape, either on delivery or after planting, please be sure you contact us via our online form or by chat using the Chatbox (at the bottom right of this page). We will be happy to advise you and if necessary, replace the plant concerned.

What should I do if a plant is missing from my order?

It is very rare for plants to be missing from an order as all our orders are checked before dispatch. If this is the case, please:

  • Check your order details to make sure that the missing plant is not scheduled for dispatch at a later date. We sometimes send orders in two successive shipments depending on availability.


  • Check that no casing or sachet is left at the bottom of your parcel. A pack of seeds or small bulbs can sometimes be difficult to spot in a large box.

If you can't find the missing plant(s), please contact us via our online form or by chat using the Chatbox (at the bottom right of this page) for a replacement.