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White Campanula

24 results

24  results


Our range of Campanulas with white flowering. These are varieties like Campanula persicifolia 'Alba', the Carpathian Bellflower 'Clips White', or even the Pyramidal Bellflower 'Alba'. White is quite rare in these perennials, which are better known for their blue or pink flowers. This category also includes Campanula 'Wedding Bells', which is distinguished by its semi-double bell-shaped flowers sprinkled with pink on a white background. With its bushy and creeping habit, it is ideal as ground cover or in borders. Stunning in flower beds and even in bouquets, Campanula lactiflora 'Alba' is a tall and beautiful plant that reaches a height of 1m (3ft) and flowers from June to October. To decorate walls or bloom in rockeries, also discover Campanula poscharskyana 'E.H. Frost', which is very floriferous, vigorous and creeping, with small semi-evergreen light green leaves in winter. This small plant flowers twice: in early summer and then in autumn.

Depending on the species and varieties, campanulas grow in dry and arid soils or in moist and heavy soils. 


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