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Scented Abelia

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6  results


The Abelia (Abelia) is a bush known for its long, fragrant flowering, ranging from pink to white depending on the cultivars. While many varieties have a light fragrance, the Abelia mosanensis, known as Fragrant Abelia, is capable of perfuming an entire section of the garden during flowering. Its varieties 'Monia' and 'Sweet Emotion' are exceptional for the captivating jasmine fragrance of their spring flowers. The Abelia chinensis, or Chinese Abelia is a large bush that often reveals its presence through the fragrance of its countless small white flowers from summer to autumn. Among the "grandiflora" varieties, there are also selections that are more fragrant than others, such as 'Francis Mason' with variegated yellow foliage, pinkish-white scented flowers. There's also Abelia triflora, a Himalayan botanical species with great vigour that is still very rare in cultivation. These bushes are more or less hardy, depending on their origin. They should be planted in light, well-drained soil, in a sunny location. They tolerate wind, as well as coastal areas. Pruning is limited to shaping the habit after flowering and removing old wood. Abelia can be planted in all gardens, large or small, and it performs well in a flowering hedge while its dwarf varieties are well-suited for container gardening.

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