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Countryside Hedges

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31  results


The countryside hedgerow was traditionally used to differentiate plots of land.  Nowadays, the benefits and natural beauty of these hedges are being rediscovered, whether in rural areas or to demarcate gardens. This rustic hedge is composed of native trees and shrubs (which include blackthorn or field maple).  These serve as refuges for birds, insects, and small mammals. This type of hedge has its own unique style, depending on its region. A hedge can reach heights of 1m (3ft) to 25m (82ft) depending on the species that are in it, so it can find its place in all gardens, big or small.

The countryside hedgerow is very useful for humans and the environment: it protects against wind and rainwater runoff, and limits erosion while adding beauty to the garden. It protects biodiversity by providing habitats and cover for local fauna, who then contribute to the fight against pests, the gardener's enemies. In a more general sense, hedgerows have a positive impact on the climate by storing carbon dioxide, which is one of the main greenhouse gases. It also limits soil water evaporation by producing humus that retains moisture.

Once properly established, a hedgerow requires no maintenance except for occasional pruning to control the growth of certain plants.  Here are a wide choice of plants that will allow you to create and personalise your own rustic hedge.


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