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Blue Delphinium

29 results

29  results


The perennial Delphiniums or blue-flowered larkspurs, symbols of charm and elegance, are distinguished by their majestic spikes of blue flowers. Among the sure bets, Delphinium 'Blue Bird' stands out with its sky-blue flower spikes topped with a white heart. Another essential variety is Delphinium 'Black Knight', which offers deep blue flowers, almost mystical, captivating the eye. These two varieties embody the classic beauty of Larkspurs. Delphinium 'Pacific Giant Cameliard', with its tall sturdy stems and azure blue flowers, is perfect for creating spectacular backgrounds in gardens. More compact, Delphinium 'Magic Fountain' is better suited for small spaces and borders with its shorter stems. Rarer, Delphinium 'Blue Lace' offers delicate flowers, shaded with lavender blue, and Delphinium 'Guardian Blue' produces deep blue flowers. These perennial plants, with their strong presence and stunning shades of blue, attract all eyes and bring a touch of elegance to summer flower beds as well as bouquets.

These Delphiniums harmoniously integrate into various landscape designs: in flower beds for a vertical touch, in large flower borders to structure the space, or even in pots to decorate balconies and terraces. Discover them in this selection.

Cultivating these Delphiniums requires special attention. They prefer a rich, moist, and well-drained soil, as well as a sunny exposure. 

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