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Spreading Bleeding Hearts

8 results

8  results


Our range of wood sorrel ground covers. They can be found in the species, varieties, and hybrids of Dicentra cucullaria, D. eximia ('Stuart Boothman'), and D. formosa ('Luxuriant', 'Bacchanal'). These wood sorrels form delightful spring ground covers in partial shade or in light woodland. Unlike the classic wood sorrel (Dicentra spectabilis) which grows in tufts that can reach over 60cm (24in) in height, these varieties spread out in a carpet about 30cm (12in) high and 40 to 50cm (16 to 20in) wide.

These perennials are sensitive to excessive winter moisture and summer drought. It is common for them to go into dormancy at the end of flowering. The soil should remain moist in the summer, be rich in humus, well-drained, and shaded. Plant the wood sorrel ground covers alongside spring bulbs or other ground cover perennials such as Caucasian forget-me-nots, coral bells, and Tiarellas, for example.


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