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Hedge Potentilla

12 results

12  results


Bush Potentillas or Potentilla fructicosa suitable for creating a low hedge. These are small bushy shrubs, measuring between 1m (3ft) and 1.50m (5ft) in height, very compact, perfect for composing small separating hedges, alone or mixed with other bushes such as landscape roses for example. The flowers, which appear from June to September, can be yellow in the 'Goldfinger' bush Potentilla for example, white for the 'Abbotswood' bush Potentilla, pink in the variety 'Pink Paradise', orange (Potentilla 'Hopley's Orange') and even red. They are visited by butterflies and their radiant colours bring a lot of good mood to the garden. Apart from flowering, the deciduous foliage of the bush Potentilla is elegant: its leaves are composed of small villous leaflets, often silky, with silvery reflections.

The bush Potentilla is known for its accommodating nature. You can plant it in any well-drained soil, it tolerates both cold and heat and is water-saving. In terms of maintenance, Potentilla only requires annual pruning in early spring. Tip: Plant orange, red or pink flowering varieties in shaded areas, as they fade in the sun.


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