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Baking Potatoes

10 results

10  results


Among the various potato seed varieties we offer, some are particularly suitable for oven roasting or baking in foil. These baking potatoes can have either a starchy tuber like the Bintje and Manon varieties, or on the contrary, a creamy texture  like the Samba or Agata varieties. The Potato – or Solanum tuberosum – from the Solanaceae family, is an essential root vegetable to grow and serve with a meal. It is a perennial plant grown as an annual that develops tubers as storage organs. Three main categories of Potatoes coexist: firm-fleshed, starchy-fleshed, or soft-fleshed varieties. Whether used in gratins, baked, boiled, fried, stuffed, etc., they can be chosen according to their characteristics. Highly nutritious, Potatoes have therefore become an essential food in manyparts of the world.

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